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Tools v2

Free photo actions

Action set aimed towards professionals. It was originally developed to speed up my work (I use many of the actions daily), but I have tweaked and added some more for you to enjoy.

The tools are most useful if you spend a lot of time adjusting/retouching images for professional use. It includes a group of actions for batch conversion of images, as well as some very useful adjustments (done in layers to protect your image and allow tweaking).

List of actions in set:
! Readme ! (generates the readme)
--- conversion tools ---
Convert to Working RGB
Convert to sRGB/8
Set to 300 ppi
Set to 96 ppi
RGB/8, 300 ppi
RGB/8, 300 ppi, flatten
RGB/8, 300 ppi, merge visible
CMYK/8, 300 ppi
CMYK/8, 300 ppi, flatten
CMYK/8, 300 ppi, merge visible
--- general tools ---
Increase local contrast (200 px radius, 20%, "blend if" to protect shadow/highlights)
Increase local contrast luma
Remove cold light
Vibrance adjustment layer
Sharpen for press, flatten (desaturated, 2 px high pass, overlay - for 300 ppi)
Sharpen for press, as layer(desaturated, 2 px high pass, overlay - for 300 ppi)
Sharpen for screen, flatten (Smart sharpen: 0,3 px, 50%)
Sharpen for screen, as layer (Smart sharpen: 0,3 px, 50%)
Make edge mask (Super-useful together with sharpen for press)

Full readme is included in the action set, but do ask if you have more questions about them or how they work.

The actions are free to use for whatever you want (commercial or not) with no credit needed, but I ask that you link back here if you want to redistribute it as is.

Download now!